The Social App for Solving Plant Problems

Find the best solutions to your plant troubles by connecting with credible, experienced plant owners, so your plants can stay alive, thrive and grow new leaves!

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Up Your Plant Game

Quick & Easy Troubleshooting

Get your plant issues and concerns solved by a community of plant parents.

Credibility &

Gain confidence that the advice you receive is sound by viewing the persons green thumb level.


The more you contribute to solving someone’s problem, the higher your green thumb level gets.


Get notified when your advice made an impact on others, and earn rewards for it!

Easily post your plant problems

Get help troubleshooting and treating a sick plant, or just get advice on helping a plant thrive more.

Get Advice From Experienced Community Members

Get help from community members that are plant enthusiasts with experience raising their own plants, and helping other people with their plant issues as well.

Built-in Credibility System

As members help more people, their green thumb level increases, ensuring you get advice from credible & experienced plant parents!

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Connect with our growing community & tell us what you want to see in a plant app! Our goal is to learn what you guys really need and make something incredibly useful for the plant community!

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