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Food & Potting Kit | Deluxe
The Deluxe Food & Potting Kit hand-picked kit includes all you need for soil enhancement.
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1 x Pro-Mix® Potting Soil Mix 5L Bag
1 x Gaia Green® Power Bloom 2-8-4 500 Grams
1 x Schultz® All Purpose 10-15-10 Plant Food Plus, 8-Ounce
1 x PureLife® Premium Pure Earthworm Castings 5L Bag


While repotting or enhancing the soil, one may add the Gaia Green Power Bloom as well as PureLife Earthworm Castings into your new or existing pot.

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Starter Kits provide the products and minerals essential for your plants.
Enhanced Kits provide Starter Kit products as well as hand-picked products that will help your plants survive and thrive.
Deluxe Kits provide the best products that are currently available that go along with the Enhanced and Starter Kits.